Ольга Куриленко в школе давала мальчикам уроки балета Classmates model and actress spoke about her childhood. Olga Kurylenko grew up in Berdyansk, and then went to work on a contract in France. Despite a successful career, she never forgets about his hometown.
Ольга Куриленко в школе давала мальчикам уроки балета

The “Death of Stalin” removed from the domestic distribution. Despite this, some of the capital’s cinemas have arranged an unauthorized tape shows, one of the main roles in which was played by actress Olga Kurylenko.

In childhood Olga wanted to become a doctor. However, the plans changed case. At the age of 13 from his home in Berdyansk she came with my mother on a vacation to Moscow. Once in the subway, she was approached by a modeling agent and invited to participate in the parade, saying that pretty girls have all chances to become the new star of the podium. Olga refused, citing his young age, however, the phone number recorded, promising that as soon as you grow older, be sure to call. And he kept his word…

A photo session with her participation graced the pages of many glossy magazines. Having achieved success in modeling career, Olga began acting in films. Kurylenko was even lucky enough to get the role of a girl James bond, and the list of its partners are Tom cruise and Russell Crowe. “StarHit” sought out the stars of classmates, who see her now only on the screen: the actress who became an international celebrity, constantly lives in France.

Mother’s joy

Ольга Куриленко в школе давала мальчикам уроки балета

“Olga was modest, with no conflict, – has shared with “StarHit” Arina Matviychuk. – We went to Berdyansk school № 16. Her “a” class was an elite, the main emphasis is on English, it is not surprising that she well knows. She was a hard horoshisty to become a straight a student, she lacked only a pair of fives in the quarters. Olya’s mother, Marina Vitalievna, he taught us drawing. Daughter often ran to her to help clean up the class after school. I remember rushing down the corridor at breakneck speed, wavy hair scatter in different directions, and on the back dangles a pink backpack…”

In his spare time Kurylenko studied piano and acting, and also attended the Studio ballet. “One day I accidentally got there for the lesson, says Maxim Pariahs. The sister was persuaded, saying: “don’t worry, we dance together!” As a result, I came home and she got sick. It was too late. All began to share in pairs, and the teacher put me together with Olga”.

“Had to be nervous enough, that he felt like a bear among the deer, so also Olka was a head taller than me. The music began, we started to repeat the movement for the teacher. Foot from the first minute refused to listen to me, I thought I’d die of shame. But Olga was supported by, said, “let me show you how”. I blushed, but did not argue. In the end, our Duo was recognized as the best!”
Ольга Куриленко в школе давала мальчикам уроки балета

Thank goodness

Father left the family when Olga was three years old. Mom raised her alone. Teachers earn little. According to the recollections of classmates, all the free money Marina Vitalievna is invested in the daughter, did not want it was worse than others.

“Up until high school all wore uniforms, – shares with “StarHit” Dmitry Kisunko. – And when allowed loose clothing she could come to school in jeans or bright tights. Marina Vitalyevna never abused. It is generally an interesting woman, sometimes in the classroom told us that the thoughts materialists and dreams come true if to believe in them. Apparently, the heavens heard her. Once the art lesson began with the announcement: “Guys, she’s going to live in France! She was offered a modelling contract”. So at 16 she left Berdyansk”.
Ольга Куриленко в школе давала мальчикам уроки балета

Once abroad, about his hometown Kurylenko never forgotten, often visited loved ones and friends. “Somehow the Marina Vitalievna organized a model school, said the “StarHit” Natalya Fesenko. – Enrolled girls of all ages, all wanted to repeat the career Kurylenko. To one of the classes came to herself Olga. She gave us a step, taught advantageous to pose for the cameras to walk properly down the runway. Behaved modestly, although everyone knew that she was able to work with many fashion magazines. Though it’s been more than 15 years, I still remember her lessons!”

Ольга Куриленко в школе давала мальчикам уроки балета