Ольга Куриленко перестала скрывать годовалого наследника Actress for a long time did not show his son max Alexander Horatio. But recently, the celebrity has shared the first photo of the child, who in October will be a year. For photos of the happy Olga is holding his lovely baby.

      36-year-old actress Olga Kurylenko now spends time together with his heir — the adorable Alexander max and Horatio. Recently, the celebrity shared on Instagram the first photo of the heir, made in Provence. It captures the moment a family idyll. Happy Olga holding the baby in her arms, smiling happily to him. The boy is dressed in a fashionable jumpsuit in white-red stripe, and his mother posing in a bikini.”My most favorite man in the world” — signed by the star publication.

      Fans of Kurylenko wished her family success and found that the picture turned out very nice. “Happy baby”, “All the best to you”, “How nice”, “Sweet”, “You’re very pretty,” “Happy Mama, happy family”, “What a great photo, We love you and your family, Olga”, — shared his emotions the followers of a famous actress.

      Recall that the son of Olga Kurylenko and her boyfriend, actor and journalist max Benice, came to light in October last year. Elect women younger than her five years, but the age difference did not bother the lovers. For a long time, the couple preferred not to talk about their relationship and not share photos in social networks. Their first joint publication was in January of this year. Max and Olga have appeared at the Dior fashion show held in Paris, the Actors gladly posed for photographers and literally glowed with happiness.

      By the way, Kurylenko quickly returned slender figure after childbirth. After a couple of months after the replenishment in the family of Olga shone on the red carpet award from the British Fashion Awards. The celebrity looked terrific. A tight black dress emphasized near-perfect form of the actress. The secret of such quick weight loss celebrity diet and regular exercise. In his interview with Kurylenko said she was a big fan of a healthy lifestyle and prefer sweet fruits and vegetables. According to the actress, effective diets don’t exist, so we have to accustom ourselves to a healthy lifestyle. Every morning Olga begins with a light charge, sometimes a woman does yoga. And for Breakfast she prefers a hearty and healthy porridge. Cosmetic Odyssey: Secrets of beauty Olga Kurylenko

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