Ольга Красько станет мамой в третий раз The actress said about the interesting position of colleagues in the troupe of the theatre of Oleg Tabakov. She did not mention the sex of the baby and expected delivery date. Fans congratulated the star with a joyful event.
Ольга Красько станет мамой в третий раз

Olga Krasko prefers not to advertise personal life. A young woman was in social networks, so fans were not even aware that the actress is in position. This became known on the meeting of the troupe of the theater of Oleg Tabakov in which the movie star has been working for 15 years.

According to witnesses, the star is not trying to hide rounded tummy, and to discuss pregnancy refuses. Colleagues on the stage were quick to congratulate Olga and wish her perfect health.

Ольга Красько станет мамой в третий раз

Fans were also delighted with the good news. However, they continue to be interested in questions relating to the personal life of the actress. The fact that a year and a half ago Krasko became a mother for the second time. She gave birth to a boy, who was named Ostap, but the name of the father of the baby refused to name.

Fans of Olga suggest that she secretly married, but the young woman did not comment on this information. About the interesting position she prefers not to speak.

Earlier Krasko was in a relationship with actor and Director Dmitry Petrunin, which in 2006 gave birth to a daughter Olesya. A few years ago, the couple quietly broke up and since then, fans are left to guess what is happening in the personal lives of Olga. The star attributed the novel with Director Janik Fayzieva, but these rumors have not been substantiated.

The actress known to audiences of preimushestvenno for his roles in the films “Daddy” and “Turkish gambit” and in the TV series “Sklifosovsky”. Now Olga predominantly plays on the stage. Krasko busy in several popular plays.

In the Tabakov theatre, the actress began working 15 years ago, immediately after he has finished school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre. In honor of an important anniversary Krasko received the honorary Golden badge from the hands of Oleg Pavlovich for their dedication to the profession.

Fans admire the hard work of Olga, because she manages to combine motherhood and an acting career. They hope that the star was quickly back in shape after childbirth and will begin to delight the audience with new striking role.