Olga Krasko is ready to leave the profession for a third child

Ольга Красько готова уйти из профессии ради третьего ребенка The actress will soon become a mother. Olga Krasko has made it clear that new roles attracted her is much less than the birth of children. In the near future of the actress and her husband Vadim will have another son. Star is ready to sacrifice career for family.
Ольга Красько готова уйти из профессии ради третьего ребенка

The star of the film “Turkish gambit” and the series “Sklifosovsky” Olga Krasko will soon become a large mum. Her husband Vadim Olga will give her second son. The firstborn pair, boy Ostap was born in the spring of 2016, Krasko daughter from a previous relationship, Olesya, eleven years.

Olga Krasko, which at the end of November, I’ll be 36 years old, made it clear that he never held on to roles in film and on stage. The actress has always made choices in favor of children, and understands some of his colleagues who acted differently. Giving life to your child, Olga Krasko every time quietly putting the lives of new roles.

“For me the question was never, – explained his position the actress in the program “When all the houses”. At the Institute we had a motto: “We are married to the profession”. I never disagreed with him. The rest was considered treason, and you were kind of incompetent actor. I saw the fate of Actresses who in the end remained alone. For me it was a sign: but as to whether you’re only in the profession? Now when I make a choice in favor of the baby, I know it’s ten steps forward. If you act differently, to do the same steps, but backwards.”
Ольга Красько готова уйти из профессии ради третьего ребенка

Olga Krasko considers that refusing the role in favor of a full family, she has nothing to lose, except the roles, the actress is sure, will still be.

Ольга Красько готова уйти из профессии ради третьего ребенка“Even if I missed something, I don’t regret it. You know, like Chekhov: why kick me all of space – continues to Olga Krasko. – But I’m rich in the miraculous and talented angels. And the profession is always with me. For example, immediately after the birth of my third Prime Minister. And between the first and second son I had.”

Olga Krasko believes that children help her to grow as an actress. Only with them she can experience certain emotions, to see what kind of condition unknown adult.

“Because children are real, their no actor will replay, says Krasko. And then, the screen is always visible when the actress, without children, plays the mother. When I came to theatre after the birth, I and my partners, said I was another. Motherhood changes a woman. She can direct it not to understand, but it shows. Seen here in progulochka special…”