Ольгу Казаченко обвинили в оказании эскорт-услуг Natalia Shturm is not afraid of big words. Olga Kozachenko was shocked by the baseless allegations of the singer. Still the wife of the artist is found only in courts and could not come to a peaceful agreement.
Ольгу Казаченко обвинили в оказании эскорт-услуг

For fifteen years singer Vadim Kazachenko can’t put a point in relations with his wife Olga. They got married in 2014, but two years later the artist said that it was a sham marriage. Moreover, he managed to marry his producer Irina Amanti. Now both women consider themselves the legitimate wives of the musician. However, not long ago, Irina has announced that her paper was lost.

Vadim Kazachenko ordered to pay alimony son

“I’m with Vadim Kazachenko are legally married, March 7, received a new marriage certificate. Moreover, I filed for divorce,” – said Kozachenko.
Ольгу Казаченко обвинили в оказании эскорт-услуг

Olga not against Vadim found happiness in his personal life and formalized the relationship with Irina. Kozachenko explained that it was important to challenge a sham marriage – because he was required to return the spent money on it. As it turned out, the artist remembered how much you spend on the once beloved girl.

“He was sued for a million rubles for compensation of moral harm that allegedly was a fake marriage, and five million who gave gifts and farm. If the marriage is not deployed, he had to pay for it all, as for illicit enrichment. He says he withdrew the suit, but withdrew and changed the claims. Our marriage is recognized as legitimate, I ordered only a million rubles”, – said Olga.

Vadim Kazachenko preparing for a new lawsuit for the property

Ольгу Казаченко обвинили в оказании эскорт-услуг

Kazachenko brought to the Studio one year old son. Some guests in the Studio doubted that little Philip was conceived naturally assumed that she, as a fan of a musician, was ready to go at all and give birth to the baby. The lawyer said that in this case the man may be released from child support.

Olga remembered that recently showed up a young man who began to call himself the baby’s father. He judges even wanted to postpone the trial. Kazachenko not understand who this man is and suspects that it is nothing more than a provocation. It suggests the probability that it was staged by Irina and Vadim.

The Studio came singer Natalia Shturm, which was set up against Olga. She accused a young woman with public indecency.

“Olga was in the escort service stars and she was with Vadim. Only he was stuck. If artists are not married, they have a list of girls that they use in a particular city,” said Sturm.
Ольгу Казаченко обвинили в оказании эскорт-услуг

Kazachenko couldn’t believe that the singer allows himself such statements without any evidence. Behind the scenes stood the grandmother Alvina Olga Selezneva. She could not bear such words to the granddaughter and rushed her to protect. Also the elderly woman went to Vadim Kazachenko. “If he’s a reasonable man, should prevail mind. Waiting for it to leave us alone,” – said Seleznev.