Olga Korbut ventured into conversation with the man who raped her trainer

Ольга Корбут отважилась на разговор с изнасиловавшим ее тренером The man admits his guilt. Olga Korbut continues to assert that she had to deal with the unacceptable attitude of Reynald Knish. But then, in the early 70-ies, she dared anyone to tell what had happened.
Ольга Корбут отважилась на разговор с изнасиловавшим ее тренером

Famous Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut for several decades living and working in the United States. She told reporters about the terrible events that happened in her sporting life. The athlete blamed his trainer, Renauld Knish rape. She said that it happened before the Olympic games in 1972 – before the flight to Munich.

Today, after more than 40 years after the incident, she shared a terrible story in the program “Let them talk”.

“First, he was molested, and before the Olympics just raped. It’s true! – said the gymnast. – I live with it, it’s really hard, I kept, I was ashamed.”
Ольга Корбут отважилась на разговор с изнасиловавшим ее тренером

Olga admitted that he did not tell anyone about the incident. According to her, she at that time was only 17 years old. It happened in Minsk, at the hotel “jubilee.” Korbut also admitted that he worked with another athlete. Story of rape, according to her version, again. However, another athlete did not make a secret of it, and told all the parents. However, Olga did not deny the important role played in her life, Renald Knysh as a coach, but the pain from the assault on her honor does not subside in the shower.

The famous gymnast Olga Korbut is preparing for the wedding

Many years later Olga for the first time were able to see her abuser. They looked each other in the eye using video – Sam Reynald came to the Studio.

“A lie from beginning to end, the slander,” said the man.
Ольга Корбут отважилась на разговор с изнасиловавшим ее тренером

But the athlete persevered. She remembered how the coach took her by car and beaten. After that, she couldn’t have a week to train.

“What rudeness, what hate, what a swine,” – said the Knish in response to loud accusations.

The man was outraged by the words of his former ward and disturbed that, instead of gratitude, he hears the criticisms. However, Korbut said that it happened more than once, just Olga was little and couldn’t resist.

Guests in the Studio remembered that once appeared on love Reynald in his ward. But the coach denied the rumors.

“I have absolutely nothing to apologize for. It was very difficult with her in training all the time to convince, to inspire her. I wish she won in three Olympic games, collected all the medals, no less, and turned out only one and not all,” said Reynald.