Olga Kazachenko shamed for a tantrum in a live TV show

Ольгу Казаченко пристыдили за истерику в эфире телешоу Ex-wife stars of the ‘ 90s admitted that he was nervous and worried, on the set of esters “Let them talk”. Olga not only had to prove the experts his innocence, but to sort things out with Irina Amanti and Vadim Kazachenko.
Ольгу Казаченко пристыдили за истерику в эфире телешоу

On Tuesday and Wednesday the program “Let speak” devoted to the situation in which turned out to Vadim Kazachenko. The artist continues to clash with his ex-wife Olga Martynova. That’s about a year that the ex-wife to sort things out in court and broadcast television shows. Each side insists on their point of view. Shooting programs Dmitry Borisov were held in an extremely tense atmosphere – Vadim Kazachenko became ill, and he went to doctors, while Irina Amanti and Olga Martynova talked in a raised voice.

Family of Vadim Kazachenko publicly denounced his ex-wife

After the ether ex-lover Kazachenko decided to get in touch with subscribers. Olga Martynova admitted that he experienced on the set, and apologized to the followers.

“I apologize for what you saw yesterday, I am ashamed that I could not hold myself. Do not judge me, just imagine yourself in my shoes for a minute and maybe then you’ll understand me. I sincerely say thank you to everyone who supports me, it is a hard way, I do as I feel! I try not to take it out and “unstuck”, but I don’t always succeed. I try, really, thank you!” – wrote the ex-wife of the singer in one of the social networks.
Ольгу Казаченко пристыдили за истерику в эфире телешоу

Those who follow the activities of Olga, hastened to support it. According to them, Martynova behaved quite adequately, trying to defend their point of view.

At the same time, a friend of Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti left with no other opinion about the recent editions of “Let them talk”. Poet and producer of Love Voropaeva said that outraged, as was Olga Martynova. According to women, ex-wife of the famous artist had always dreamed of greatness and achieved it due to the scandal.

Ольгу Казаченко пристыдили за истерику в эфире телешоу“Instagram is not mentioned lady, which became her main platform for gaining the coveted hype, because the real popularity and fame earned by the talented people over decades of great work, a HYIP can be obtained simply parting drunk legs (I’m talking about the infamous Shurygin), are going to the same as she is, ladies with no definite occupation, but with the children, to whom no luck in life and in love, and that his black energy fueling the desire of his “idol” to catch the hype!” – sure Voropaeva.
Ольгу Казаченко пристыдили за истерику в эфире телешоу

According to the woman, she lost her voice at the filming. Love Voropaeva tried to maintain Amanti and Kazachenko, therefore, often turned to a scream.

“My heart broke when I watched what was happening in the Studio as trying to explain to people the truth slandered and persecuted pissed Martynova Irina Amanti like going through Vadim Kazachenko and as thriftily and hebalist behave Martynova and her mother, told me during filming that she screen all my comments… ugh, how disgusting, mother!” – shared G. Love.