Olga Kazachenko requires the remaining amount of alimony

Ольга Казаченко требует оставшуюся сумму алиментов According to the documents, a young mother is owed more than 320 thousand rubles. Vadim Kazachenko claimed that he had paid the full amount and even more – 80 thousand. The artist has provided checks and talked about the fact that he does not refuse judicial decisions.
Ольга Казаченко требует оставшуюся сумму алиментов

In late April, the singer Vadim Kazachenko by the court ordered to pay alimony to his son Philip, who was born in the marriage with his ex-wife Olga. Judges determined the amount of 30 thousand rubles – for the maintenance of the child and the mother, who cannot work because taking care of the baby. The musician claimed that, as an honest and law-abiding people, covered all of the debt. According to him, he sent even more by 20 thousand roubles at the expense of the future payment. Olga did not deny – she really got the money, but this amount is only part of what needs to.

“A sum was appointed to the time of filing a claim is for the child. And the other the amount I was awarded from December”, – told Olga.
Ольга Казаченко требует оставшуюся сумму алиментов

At the disposal of “StarHit” were the documents that the young mother did not want to publish because they contained personal data. Gagarinsky court of Moscow has indicated that during pregnancy and child care with Vadim Kazachenko is owed a little more than 320 thousand rubles, and from December to April of this year Philip needs to 62 thousand.

“I have received only the fourth part of the money that rely on the law, I do not deny. But then there’s the amount I expect. In my hands the writ of execution, which date to the first June this year,” said the mother one-year-old Philip.

However, Irina Amanti says that an error occurred, but because Kazachenko, debt-free, which says Olga.

“Child alimony paid. Soon to be recalculated, because an error occurred. We can help. But all the money had to be transferred to the boy, reached him,” said the producer of the singer.

Vadim himself does not give a clear answer about whether he considers Philip her son and whether or not to participate in the upbringing of your child.

“What does it mean to recognize oneself as the father? I pay child support. I was legally married to this woman. Any court would have appointed me, father,” said the artist.

Now Olga and Vadim goes the divorce process. However, at the same time, a young mother sued a statement in which she expresses doubts about the mental health of men – she is worried about his behavior lately. She hoped that examination will be appointed, which will put all dots on i. Vadim Kazachenko made a sensational statement