Olga Kabo with chic outfits country house

Ольга Кабо с шиком нарядила загородный дом The actress shared details of preparation for the New year. To create the family nest fairy-tale atmosphere, Olga Kabo turned to the professionals. For the first time a Christmas tree was decorated with stars and designers.

      Ольга Кабо с шиком нарядила загородный дом

      Actress of theatre and cinema Olga Kabo, twice mother. The star’s 18-year-old daughter Tanya and 4-year-old son Victor. Heir to the stars a year ago, left home and lived separately from my mother in her Moscow apartment. In a large country house in the North-West of the capital Olga lives with her husband Nicholas and little Victor. It is the desire to create a holiday atmosphere for the younger child made Olga in anticipation of the holiday to attend to the question of decorating the house.

      “Long as I can remember, my family always decorated the tree themselves – with mother, then with her daughter, – says Olga. and last year the son Vityusha joined the process. But this time right before the celebration was so much work, touring and departures from Moscow, that just didn’t have much time for Christmas decorating the house. And then I bailed out the way I walked past the gift shop “House of porcelain” on Leninsky and saw in the window of a real forest miracle. Stood and could not tear my eyes, so the Tree was great. Green beauty, like a magnet, drew me to the store so I could see her better. So I first purchased a designer Christmas tree from the “House of porcelain”. The designer has approached very responsibly came up to my house with lots of “ingredients”, and picked up the decoration of Christmas trees matched our interior. The efforts of the artist was appreciated by all, especially Vityusha. Coming from the garden and saw the tree, he jumped and ran around her, and then began to kiss the toy, saying: “Oh, my tree! Oh, You, my beads, Oh, what balls…”

      Under become a symbol of the New year Olga and her family have designed their country house.

      “We have decorated the cottage with lights and bright baubles, and the area all guests are greeted with a glowing polar bear and the penguin – continues to Cabo. Now everyone who looks to us for a visit , I’m sure, will fall into a dream. And my son plans to paint the Windows with special paints. Victor loves to draw, however, often asks me to draw him a tank and a helicopter, but this time I’ll try to get him to focus on snowflakes, Santa Claus and the snow maiden.”

      The night from December 31 to January 1, the family of Olga will hold in the family. “Come my mom and dad, Ira, the son of her husband from a previous marriage acne. This year we decided not to go anywhere and enjoy the Russian winter – she still have magic…”