Ольга Кабо: «Когда дочка узнала о моей беременности, она разрыдалась»
The actress spoke about how her daughter reacted to the news about the new addition to the family.

Olga Kabo with her daughter

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Now children Olga Kabo — 17-year-old Tatiana (from first marriage) and 3-year-old Victor (from his second marriage with businessman Nikolai Razgulyaeva) soul is not chayat each other. The actress first told 7days.ru how shocked her daughter’s reaction to the news that Tanya will have a brother.

“When my daughter first found out about my pregnancy she
so emotionally responded that I was very upset, ” said Olga. — Remember
the smile fell from her face and she roared in a loud voice: “No, not this…”
Kind of calmed down, took a breath and asked: “and when the baby is born?” Say:
“In August”. And Tanya burst into tears again, “it’s my birthday! All
now I’ll never have a holiday So there were tears, and sobs, and

But over time her anxiety in the past, children communicate well and get along with each other. “Now Tatiana lives alone
in the Moscow apartment, and every
weekend we have family gatherings at home or joint trips to the circus, in
theatres, Park, — continues Olga. — Victor loves his sister all the time and asks to visit her. And
Tanya gladly invites us to himself. She cooks dinner and thinks
entertainment, just like in my childhood: my brother plays the piano,
shows cartoons, gives to listen to my adult music in General, enlightens
it! In addition, every year we try to go somewhere to relax

This year Tanya had not planned to come to mom and brother when they were vacationing in Spain. But then decided not to break the family tradition and arranged a surprise. we’re all vacationing together in Spain. “Tanya came to us suddenly, between the exams of the summer session in
GITIS, ” says Cabo. — Vityusha morning even could not believe his eyes when he saw his sister. As jumped as
scream: “My favorite movie has arrived!” The whole week we spent together:
swimming, diving, building sand castles, eat a lot of pizza and seafood.
We went to a flamenco show, rode on a small boat, met the sunrise
the sun spent the whole day at the amusement Park “Port Aventura”.

Full interview with Olga Kabo read in the latest issue of the magazine.

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