Olga Kabo surprised photo without makeup

Ольга Кабо удивила фотографией без макияжа
The actress looks 20 years younger.

Photo: Instagram

Olga Kabo in late January, said the 50-year anniversary, but it would never say that! Actress to this day safely photographed without makeup and places your photos on the Internet. Few of her colleagues can boast the same appearance. And as the haters are looking for in the pictures Cabo traces of photoshop or plastic, to “expose” the star failed. And all because nothing like Olga does. Good genetics plus a healthy lifestyle, and a personal beautician made his case: 50-year-old actress looks 20 years younger!

Fans of Cape noticed that without makeup, the actress looks younger than the “dressed up”. By the way, and the star supports in perfect condition. She regularly sports. And even on vacation mixing business with pleasure — swimming in the sea and therapeutic interventions. For example, in the fall, when Olga had a rest in Anapa, she passed the course with a power shower.

“Power shower — great start to the day! Improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, the blood flows to all organs and tissues, and because of this it stimulates the blood vessels from the body toxins, increases vitality of cells!” — said Cabo.

And the actress loves a bronze tan. And she has the secret of how to achieve the perfect color. It turns out that the actress for some time before the holiday definitely spends on drink a course of vitamins that increase the production of melanin.

“Even when there is no sun, it’s nice to just lie on the beach, listening to the sound of the surf and the cry of gulls… and in overcast weather you can sunbathe, with scattered light tan even better “sticks”. In may began to prepare the skin for the summer taking a preformed complex… So will return to Moscow this chocolate without compromising the condition of the skin!” — said Olga.