Ольга Кабо отселила дочь The actress explained why Tanya is living separately. 19-year-old girl studying in Moscow, so at some point, her mother decided that she should leave their country house.
Ольга Кабо отселила дочь

Actress Olga Kabo is now happily married with businessman Nikolai Razgulyaeva. Star of theatre and film and has a son Victor, who was born in 2012, and daughter, Tatiana. This year the girl will be 20 years old. Since the whole family lives in Cape town, Tana had far to go to school. Her mom decided that in this case she should move to the capital, not to torture yourself early climbs.

“When the daughter came in RATI, we decided that she preferred to live in the capital. Why put it on every day through such torment? What Tanya separated, it seems to me absolutely correct. At this age, you need to try to live independently, learn to allocate your budget to farm. Sometimes Tanya invites you to her place, and I am very interested to see how she cares, prepares, prepares the menu. This is so touching! My girl-hands, and they have never been forced to do something at home, turns out it can! It awakened a woman. Actually, I think such skills are inherent in each of us from birth,” said Cabo.

Husband of Olga Nicholas Tatiana relationship never happened. Razgulyaev appeared in the artiste’s life, when her daughter was a teenager. “Nicholas didn’t make a step towards the stepdaughter, and Tatiana was not trying to establish contact. With her teenager at the time, of course, lower demand. And the husband had to show patience and wisdom. But Nicholas never brought the girls up (in the first marriage he had sons) and many do not understand the girl’s psychology. In addition, all the attention he focused on me. Well, what happened, happened. Just at some point I shared my communication with her husband and daughter,” said Elena.

Earlier, Tatiana wanted to be a ballerina. However, she failed to make this dream a reality, although it is professionally engaged in school. “Tanya in the Academy, unfortunately, has not developed relationships with the teachers. But in the ballet, as in any other art form, it is extremely important to believe in you teacher,” said Olga in an interview with reporters “Caravan of stories”.