Ольга Кабо: «Не стесняюсь морщинок» On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the actress has shared with “StarHit” the secrets of how to be happy. Olga Kabo manages to combine playing in the theater, touring and care for two children – Tatiana and Victor. The actress told how to distribute the time to all the time.
Ольга Кабо: «Не стесняюсь морщинок»

On the eve of the birthday, January 28, Olga is hard to find in Moscow – she’s touring the country with performance “the Master and Margarita”, which plays a major role. Our call has found the hero of the day on the way from Astrakhan to Volgograd. The question of how she manages to be in demand actress, a beloved wife and caring mother to 19-year-old Tanya and 5-year-old Viti, star laughed…

“Mom – guiding star»

– I really don’t have the time, at least to the extent in which I would like. First and foremost, of course, my family suffers. Husband is sad, kids are bored. I always face a dilemma: whether I live, whether to distribute power? Because the son and daughter are not guilty that their mother is terminally “ill” creativity is forever “infected” with the virus of acting. Remember the joke about the centipede? When asked which foot it starts to move – thought I fell and couldn’t rise. So I decided to go ahead and do what you love. This is the first secret of inner harmony.

Ольга Кабо: «Не стесняюсь морщинок»

But in front of my family, of course, feel guilt, why deny yourself a good rest, enough sleep, the plane rushing to daycare to pick up the Vityusha, and after a difficult shooting shifts trying to get to the concert to Tanya. I have a guiding star, a good example is my mother, Aida,. She worked the big boss on TV, worked a lot and was rarely home. But if she had a day off, entirely belonged to me. Knowing that going free day, I did homework, cleaned your room to not be distracted and plenty to enjoy. My mother always invented something amazing – a circus, walks, cafes…

“Children are proud of me.”

Ольга Кабо: «Не стесняюсь морщинок»

– In communication with relatives guided by the same principles: the main thing is not quantity but quality spent with the family time. I may not be located near children and husband all day, but certainly when there is a holiday for everyone. We never sit still: ride horses, walk with our taxes, attend exhibitions and theaters…

And how wonderful to know that Tanya and Victor are proud of me, coming to the performances, worried, supportive and always give flowers on stage. It is so responsibility to play, knowing that they are in the hall! At the same time, I confess, I do not consider myself a perfect mom. I find it difficult to be strict, to fight and to educate. All the time it seems that children expect from me another, and do not want to disappoint them.

Husband Nicholas grumbles that indulge them and allow them everything and they sit on my neck… And I’m not even trying to change. With all the love to me Victor meekly obey what the Pope, and for Tanya, the main authority – grandparents…
Ольга Кабо: «Не стесняюсь морщинок»

Even dogs like me, but its owner think Kohl. It does not upset. I think you should not try to grasp the immensity. We live, we apologize, forgive, fight and make peace… But most importantly love and accept each other such what they are. In my opinion, it is very important to not attempt to convert the native people. Must be respected, not fictional image, but the real strengths and weaknesses of each of us. Remember how Bulgakov: “He who loves must share the fate of the one he loves…»

“Age don’t feel»

– And learn to live for today and enjoy everything around. And if earlier it seemed that the main thing is still ahead, today I believe the most beautiful is what is happening to me now. So so right, so right. Because of the small joys and the birth of a real, comprehensive happiness.

In the eve of the anniversary feel quite adult. Age as such do not feel, just enjoying the taste of life. And I advise all the same age not to be ashamed of wrinkles, because they are our women’s history. Right was Oscar Wilde: “the Secret of remaining young is to avoid ugly emotions”. And I’d add – and thoughts. So I try to Wake up with a smile, and before going to sleep to thank God for the gift day.