Olga Kabo is still crying, remembering how I broke up with a ten-year-old daughter

Ольга Кабо до сих пор плачет, вспоминая, как рассталась с десятилетней дочерью
The actress told how was difficult her decision.

Olga Kabo with her daughter Tatiana and son Victor

Olga Kabo so far
can’t live without to feel the lump in
throat, as he sent his eldest daughter Tatiana,
when she was only ten years old, in
another country for a long time. However,
this decision actress still
considers the only right and

“I brought Tanya in
England and left there alone, without family,
friends and, more importantly, without knowing the language…
Now already unable to recall this
calmly, though still tears
welling, told the star
an exclusive interview with the magazine “7 days”.
— Tania from childhood, I wanted to be
dancer: I heard the music and immediately
he started to dance. When she turned
five years old, I took her to dance lessons.
Daughter just ran in there to make
it was not necessary. Every day spent in
a few hours at the ballet bar, all
Tania’s (and our family) was
dedicated to one of the dream — entering
Academy of choreography at the Bolshoi theater.
There is crazy competition in the acting
universities, hundreds of people in the place. But Tanya
entered! And the tale ended. After all
ballet is a strict discipline. Beautiful
the dream of Pointe shoes and lush bundles turned
hard labor — huge loads
tears, blood shot down in the legs, pain,
lack of sleep and constant restrictions
food… At some point Tanya understood
she is tired, unable to cope with it.
And said flatly: “you got
me, ballet, do not want”. To hear
this from my daughter, who always raved about
dancing, it was very painful. I painfully
sought a way out of the situation.”

Then Olga stood
the choice to get engaged on daughter
force or to spare the child and let
chance. Cape chose neither.
“I decided that the best way to change
environment. And sent Tanya in England
to learn in art School where they trained
artists of the musical (in the town of Tring Park
200 miles from London), recalls
actress. — The entrance exams
we came together. Tanya is so cool
danced, read poetry (in
Academy of choreography a lot of time
pay classes acting),
however, in Russian, again, in English
it is then the word did not know. And it took
hurrah! We were happy, we won!
But when the time came for my return
in Russia, I suddenly realized that I should
right now to part with her child
and to leave her alone in a foreign country. It
it was scary, I tried not to show
Tanya his feelings, gave vent to
feelings only in the car and three hours before
London sobbed, it was impossible to hurt…
Then counted the days until date with her daughter
(meet with the children, taking them from
campus on the weekend, it was allowed again
per month). And between the visits was content
conversations on mobile”.

Experiences on this
sick for the actress the topic disappeared when
she realized how grown up
girl in just a few months.
The strict regime of the English school went
the girl is good. Six months later, Tatiana
for the first time made an adult and a very
important decision. “She said she wants
to return to the Academy and to be a Russian
a ballerina, ready to work hard! —
says the actress. — It was the first
it adopted an important decision. And we’re back
in Moscow”. As a result, Tatiana chose
his profession the art of ballet.
However, over time it became clear that she
prefer to create a dance. Now
the eldest daughter of actress studying in GITIS,
at the choreography faculty. Full interview with Olga Kabo, please click here.