Olga Kabo first became a grandmother

Ольга Кабо впервые стала бабушкой
The actress met her grandson.

Photo: Instagram

Olga Kabo was first tried on the role of the grandmother. However, this does not happen in real life, and filming a new movie with the actress.

“According to the movie, I have a grandson, told about the filming of KAB. — First time playing a grandmother! Hurrah!”

In the picture, whose name is Olga not disclose, in the role of her husband starred Boris Nevzorov, and his son Philip Gorenstein. Grandson of the heroine Cabo played by Andrei Gavrilov — boy, with a mean age of Olga’s son, 5-year-old Victor.

Cape could be a grandmother in fact. After all, her eldest daughter Tatiana in summer was 19 years old. But she is in no hurry to bring happiness to her famous mother grandchildren. She has been living separately from his mother and stepfather in their Moscow apartment. And Cabo with husband and son live in a country house. Tatiana was seriously involved in ballet, and is now studying at GITIS in the course of Vyacheslav Gordeev.