Olga Gazhienko told about the plans for the second child

Ольга Гажиенко рассказала о планах на второго ребенка
The family stars home electroni countries Olga, Gazhienko growing up adorable son.

Ольга Гажиенко рассказала о планах на второго ребенка

The boy recently turned 4 years.

Olga shares with subscribers her favorite son.

But recently some followers in the comments started to ask a question about a second child.

“Very often began to write that we got the second. Believe that good thoughts, but still think this is a very serious and personal question. To give birth to us, nurture us, provide for us, too, and therefore be solved only by us. And the word “time” I do not understand. Who decides when, to whom and what time?! And, if someone does not know what the real way of conceiving a child of a particular sex had not yet been invented. Therefore, at least, strange to tell us what a girl need”, – told Gazhienko.

Olga does not like such advice, and in her opinion, they put those who have not had children.

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