Olga Gazhienko spoke about the birth of her second child

Ольга Гажиенко заговорила о рождении второго ребенка Ex-participant of “House-2” told, when they with Ilya a little. According to the young woman, she was tired of pressure from other people. Gazhienko asked outsiders not to interfere in her life and not to insist that it is time for her to get pregnant again.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Olga Gazhienko enjoying motherhood. Recently her son Cyril was four years old. Parents gave him a Grand celebration, buying a destyakov balls and interesting designers. The young woman loves in the heir and tells followers in the social network regarding the activities of the boy, and also shares some of my observations.

Subscribers, Gazhienko think that she should think about, to have a second child. In the comments to some posts netizens are beginning to give advice.

“Very often began to write that we got the second. Believe that good thoughts, but still think this is a very serious and personal question. To give birth to us, nurture us, provide for us, too, and therefore be solved only by us. And the word “time” I do not understand. Who decides when, to whom and what time?! And, if someone does not know what the real way of conceiving a child of a particular sex had not yet been invented. Therefore, at least strange to say that we have the girl,” said Gazhienko.

According to the woman, among those who actively imposes its position, as a rule, there are people who haven’t experienced the joy to be parents. Ex-member of telestroke surprised that this person is constantly unhappy with what is happening in other families.

“People look at this family and definitely annoyed that something is wrong. No baby, it’s time to give birth. There is one, then it’s time for the second. If the boy in the family, need urgent girl. If the girl is a boy. What kind of race?” – asked Olga.

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Probably, this attitude of women has caused active discussion among her followers, because in a few hours she hastened to close comments to the post, as well as clean your passionate text.

Some microblog posts, Gazhienko recalls the feelings experienced when she had her first child. The reality star made it the theme of a series of posts. “I thought I gave birth to the most beautiful boy in the world. I don’t know what it’s like to be stoned, but I was definitely under it. All the pain left somewhere far behind. I was very happy. Insanely happy,” shared Olga.