Olga Gazhienko showed the interior of a country house mother

Ольга Гажиенко показала убранство загородного дома матери Ex-participant reality show boasted the design of the suburban area. For several months Irina worked hard to improve housing conditions. Now the cottage is surrounded by a well kept garden with flower beds and a children’s Playground.

Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Olga Gazhienko spent the past weekend together with family and friends. The young woman went with her son Kirill to visit his mother, Irina Agibalova. Have a mother have a little land in the suburbs, in the modernization of which she invests a lot of effort. Recently, the family was engaged in the arrangement of a garden plot.

Gazhienko took the video, which showed the land near a country cottage. The family have already planted flowers, and the center of the flower beds a fountain. “A little tour of our little Paradise. Who do not know, we don’t live together, but with pleasure and often see,” said Olga.

Members ex-member of telestroke admire neat plot Agibalova. “Beauty! Just heaven! Everything is so neat and tidy! Very nice to look at!”, “Mom respect for a well-maintained site!”, “Well done! And his life should be improved only in a good way”, “well Done mom and dad, so as to contain a house and garden clean and tidy is worth the effort!”, “Children, come out and walk, play,” wrote the user of a social network.

According to Gazhienko, the parents do all the repairs on their hands, only occasionally resorting to the help of professional workers. At the moment, according to the ex-participant of “House-2”, to mom’s family came Rita and Pasha Marceau. Olga also ran away for a few days out of town to her son Cyril was able to spend time in the fresh air. Besides, the woman was great with mom and dad, so it’s always nice to visit with them.

“We have a good relationship. I get from parents only help, they don’t interfere with my family life. Mom always supports me. She helped me to arrange the apartment: picked up a chandelier, the kitchen, found a great model of the Cabinet. Elijah gets along well with my parents, as I follow the rules: never complain to them at her husband,” said Gazhienko “StarHit”.

By the way, Irina Aleksandrovna often encouraged followers images from the rooms in the house, which is being renovated. A few days ago Agibalova has shown how the interior of the cottage. She experiments with textures and colors, choosing the laminate flooring and paint for the doors. For example, in the bathroom she laid out a dark gray tile and made a beautiful mural with a view of the city at night. The door to the toilet Irina Aleksandrova colored independently by choosing a shade with copper shimmer.