Olga Efremova reunited with her husband

Ольга Ефремова воссоединилась с мужем The actress spends his free time with his family. In the summer surrounded by Olga Efremova said that she was having an affair with Boris Yeltsin. The man was willing to raise her son Arseny. Recently, however, the heir loud the names are increasingly located abroad, and artist – in Moscow.

In the summer of 2017 granddaughter of the famous Director and actor Oleg Efremov, Olga returned to Russia. The woman lived in Italy together with her husband Alessandro Blue and little son Arseny. In Moscow, she intended to resume her acting career, and therefore decided to leave her husband and to realize their own ambitions.

However, Olga began to spend a lot of time in the company of a businessman and grandson of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin-younger. Many felt that they had a passionate affair. However, the Christmas holidays Ephraim spent with Alessandro. The Italian businessman flew to Russia to spend time with family at home of his son’s mother.

Fans of the pair are pleased that the couple try to do everything to small Arseny grew up a happy child. At the same time, followers remember that one of the reasons that prompted Olga to leave the spouse and go back to Moscow, was her desire to live in any big European city – Rome, or perhaps London. But in the town of Anzio Alessandro own your home, live there, all his relatives, so he was not ready to throw the adjusted life, even for the woman he loved.

When Olga started to go to auditions and meet with numerous producers in Moscow, then met Boris Yeltsin. A pair of friends talked about the fact that a man so in love with that is willing to take responsibility for the child Ephraim. Boris Yeltsin is ready to raise a child Olga Efremova

“The man took Olga, and he was ready to raise her baby – told “StarHit” surrounded by Ephraim and Yeltsin. But what do you say to a husband who remained in Italy? Olga planned to return there in September. Alessandro is not aware of her plans and what she wants to settle in Russia. Olga, on the one hand, very happy, and the other – suffering”.

Recently, however, social networks have become increasingly rare to receive photos of them together. Boris regularly publishes photos that make in different countries. Now he spends his time also in the company of his family – his sister.