Ольга Ефремова вышла замуж Granddaughter of the famous actor and Director celebrates an important event. Olga Efremova went down the aisle with the father of her child, Italian businessman Alessandro Blue. Fans rushed to congratulate the artist with the changes in her life.

      Today in the life of the actress Olga Efremova has entered a new period. Now she married Italian businessman Alessandro Blue. Joyful event is the granddaughter of the famous actor and Director Oleg Yefremov shared in the microblog.

      The actress published a picture in which she stands in a white outfit along with her partner. For the wedding ceremony Olga and Alessandro gave preference to custom clothing. The groom did not wear a classic suit, and wearing a dark shirt and pants. The bride chose a lace top with an open abdomen and a skirt to the floor. Fans could not help but notice that the young mother looks great two months after giving birth. In the hands of the bride held a bouquet of white and purple flowers. The actress modestly commented on the important event of her life. “What a day!” – I wrote to Ephraim and escorted her hashtags “wedding” and “bride”.

      Followers were quick to congratulate them with such a memorable day. “Congratulations, handsome both! But the bride is especially good”, “that’s a pair!”, “How beautiful they are! Congratulations,” wrote warm words to the followers in the young family.

      In late may, Olga and Alessandro became parents. Ephraim gave his spouse a son Arseny. Celebrity no secret that the delivery was not as easy as she thought. The pain was so strong that even the epidural didn’t relieve the suffering artist. But now Ephraim is enjoying the happiness of motherhood and raising a small child. Immediately after the appearance of the baby born, the actress could not hold back emotions from joy and delight, therefore, shared their thoughts with the fans.

      “But, Lord! Now I feel at ease. I can’t believe at all. My God, what is it? I am a mother. Welcome, Arseny! Eyes huge! So funny! I look at him and can’t believe he was in me. Lord, forgive me for my anxiety, but it really is the most surreal event in my life. And I have not realized in full measure”. – wrote Ephraim.

      The news that Ephraim will become a mother, the public learned when the actress was in the last months of her pregnancy. Ephraim carefully concealed from prying eyes rounded tummy. Only when the birth was quite a bit of time, Olga broke the silence about the imminent addition to the family.

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