Ольга Ефремова крестила первенца The ceremony was held in the temple three months later after the appearance of the baby born. Fans rushed to congratulate the parents and the boy with such an important event. Olga Efremova gave birth to a son in Italy, but the sacraments was held in Moscow.

      In late may, the granddaughter of the famous Soviet actor and Director Oleg Efremova Olga for the first time became a mother. Her husband, Italian businessman Alessandro Blue, she gave son. Name for a boy picked. The couple decided to name the newborn Arseniy. Firstborn was born in a clinic in Italy, and recently the whole family came to Moscow. It was here that Olga and Alessandro decided to baptize the baby.

      “Yesterday we baptized Arseny. It was a beautiful, bright, Sunny day! Thanks to everyone who was with us!” – Ephraim wrote, posting a photo with her husband and little son in her arms.

      The actress did not specify which of the churches was held a mystery. Olga did not disclose the names of the godparents of the baby.

      Fans rushed to congratulate the happy couple and the boy with such an important and responsible day. “The christening! Health, happiness and a strong Guardian angel behind”, “Congratulations guys. Peace and love,” he wrote to fans in the microblog artist.

      Ephraim did not hide the fact that her delivery was not as easy as she thought. Husband the stars of the show “kadetstvo” was present in the unit next to the wife. Epidural anesthesia, which the doctors were forced to make an artist, only slightly eased the suffering of the 28-year-old Olga. In the end, by her own admission, she was completely exhausted. After the birth of a boy actress another long departed from the painful shock. However, the realization that now in her life there was the baby that made her truly happy.

      “But, Lord! Now I feel at ease. I can’t believe at all. My God, what is it? I am a mother. Welcome, Arseny! Eyes huge! So funny! I look at him and can’t believe he was in me. Lord, forgive me for my anxiety, but it really is the most surreal event in my life. And I have not realized in full measure”, – shared her first joys of motherhood Ephraim.

      The last three months gave Ephraim a series of celebrations and joyful events. In late July, Olga and Alessandro decided to formalize their relationship. Two months after his son’s birth Olga quickly vernulas the same figure, which allowed her to wear to the celebration skirt and short top that exposed a flat tummy.

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