Ольга Дроздова потерпела полное фиаско на сцене
The actress did not understand why the audience left the hall during the performance.

Olga Drozdova


Rapport with the audience is very thin. It is known that even the most experienced artists are always nervous before going on stage, as it is simply impossible to guess in what mood are the gathered audience? Whether they will accept artists heat or not? Olga Drozdova recently frankly admitted: in her life there was in this plan a complete failure.

It happened during a tour of the actress in the troupe of Sovremennik theatre in Saint-Petersburg in 2000-ies. Shortly after the start of the performance “Mamapapasynsobaka” in the play “family stories” by Serbian playwright Biljana Splavovi the audience began to rise from their seats and leave, leaving the scene of some leaves. All this was accompanied by applause, so that Olga did not understand what is really going on.

“Baboloki got up, put little paper on the stage and left the room. And I still think it’s fun, scrapbook, probably some kind of action. It turned out that it was tickets to the show. They clapped, as it turned out, they closed the show. Galina Borisovna Volchek we then comforted, said Vysotsky at the time, was also slammed. So we were very proud then!” — said Olga in the program “Relish”.

In cooking show Drozdov took part in company with her husband, Dmitry Pevtsov. Both, by the way, surprised viewers with an unexpected change of the images. Olga changed my hair and style of dress, and Dmitry has again grown a beard.