Ольга Дроздова призналась, что долгие годы расплачивалась за убийство
The actress openly talked about marriage with Dmitry Pevtsov.

Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov

Photo: Instagram

After Dmitry Pevtsov, recently gave an interview
in the “Destiny of man”, in the Studio of Boris Korchevnikov open up
and his wife, a wonderful actress Olga Drozdova.

With her husband she met on the set: Dmitry
fell in love with Olga in the first minute. Actress “resisted” not for long,
for beloved she threw a wealthy admirer from Switzerland. Young
the family first lived in a Dorm, but the Singers and Drozdova have been so happy
together! However, the couples couldn’t have children, though, and dreamed about

“Now I understand why not worked. At the same time it was absolutely
abnormal history, we were healthy. I, like many girls of that generation,
youth and stupidity had an abortion. Since then it was forbidden to have children
the first courses of the Institute. Years later I realized that paying for their
error, but only after 15 years, God gave me an angel,” said the actress.

Pregnancy occurred only after
Dmitri and Olga were married.

“I cried for
all wedding, because the father opened my eyes and said that abortion is too
murder. Then I probably realized his terrible mistake, says
memories Drozdov. — And when a little later found out about the pregnancy,
the lost gift of speech.”

Singers and Drozdova have been together for 27 years, but only now Olga
made a surprise announcement. It turns out, really loved her husband she
only after the birth of her son. “I’m a loner, I still sometimes
I doubt his feelings. I say, I understand only moms of boys
after the birth of her son another look at men,” said the actress.