Ольга Дроздова считает рождение сына чудом
Actress Olga Drozdova about thirty years has lived in marriage with Dmitry Pevtsov, and they have a son Elisha.

Ольга Дроздова считает рождение сына чудом

In the next issue of “the Destiny of man” Olga remembered that she had to endure before she could enjoy motherhood. Drozdov can’t forgive myself for the abortion, which for many years could not get pregnant.

Ольга Дроздова считает рождение сына чудом

“I know why. Now I’m a Church-going man. We were both healthy, but nothing came out. Just girls are young, especially my worship, sinned by abortion. I now say to his pupils: “do you Want? Give birth!”. And then it was scary, banned in all institutions. I made that mistake. And today I will not allow it, I’m a staunch opponent of contraception, which disfigure the body of the maiden. Years later I realized that I was paying for it, and then God in advance gave me such an angel like Elisha,” said the actress.

We will remind that Dmitry Pevtsov became the second husband of Olga, before she was married to actor Alexander Borovikov, but to find happiness just in a second marriage.

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