Olga Buzovoy stress after the premiere of the series

У Ольги Бузовой стресс после премьеры сериала
The TV presenter made her debut as an actress.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Olga Buzova now not only host of the show “Dom-2”, but the actress. Yesterday on TNT launched a Comedy series titled “Poor people”. This new lesson girl, so no wonder she’s getting cold feet because of its debut. In the series, Olga has played a major role. According to the script she is a very busy
the movie star, who hires a “literary Negro” to
wrote her biography.

“Lord, I’m so nervous…” — describes their state in social networks Olga, who now spends every evening watching TV, with tension peering at the screen!

For a leading “House-2” shooting film was a lifelong dream. After all, in her youth she wanted to become an actress: “I told my parents that I want to go to
theatre. But they objected: “that is Supposedly frivolous a profession in life
it is better to get a strong education…” And Olga entered the St. Petersburg University, received a diploma in the tourism business.

What??? waiting eagerly…write all your comments, every opinion is important to me ?? caught the show or not? God, I so nervous ??? #molytisidae#beauty#girl#aluplussolar#serialVersionUID#aluplussolar

Photos published Olga Buzova (@buzova86) 11 APR 2016 10:29 PDT

But interest in the acting profession she has not disappeared. Olga came to the project “Dom-2”, then she started to offer small episodes-cameo in the movie. And here Buzova finally got a big role! At the presentation of the project, the star admitted that the most difficult moment was “constant interruption:
a permutation of light, cameras. I used that every moment is occupied with some business, and then I had to wait. However, it is still, for me photography is something delightful and very welcome!”

But even more difficult to Olga was to wait for feedback from fans about her work in “Poor people”. “What??? Waiting eagerly… Write all your comments caught the show or not?” — she asks her fans.

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