Olga Buzova wrote a poem about unrequited love

Ольга Бузова написала стих о неразделённой любви

And again unrequited love pushes to writing sentimental poetry. Or: touching poems raise suspicions about unrequited love. Olga Buzova, the leading reality show “Dom-2”, hinted at problems in the relationship with her husband Dmitry Tarasov< /strong>. At least, to such conclusion members of a celebrity after her sad post on her page in the social network.

“You know… Angels once get tired…. From someone’s lies…betrayal and pain From the promises that you give , to Restrain which , you don’t have the will… From small degrading insults From bitter tears that I hide behind a smile , From long waits in the silence that plagued terrible torture… They suddenly understand – NOT NEEDED…. Their he waited , to whom they were sent… And the wings of that wounded , sick They are in trouble needlessly tripped… it is a sentence to death… And folding wings the angel disappears… And only then , you will understand that you’re single… No more angel….No one covers…” — wrote under His photo, in which she is shown in a white outfit, and in fact very similar to the white angel.
Fans immediately suggested that Olga broke up with her husband, the Vedas, the last time they really had a difficult time, something Buzova was in a hospital bed, and her husband – her stone walls and pillars – was not, after Tarasov fell ill, and his wife, apparently in retaliation, did not come to support him. Now the husband and wife in Sora and even unsubscribed from the pages of each other in a social network. Does this mean that soon we will hear of divorce?
It argued that the story of the quarrel and offense ol “borrowed” from her colleagues and friends Ksenia Borodina, which is also quarreled with her husband, almost reaching up to the divorce, and sickly raised his rating on this story. Now they are Kurban Omarov live happily and good cashing. I hope it will happen and Olga and Dmitry.