Olga Buzova wrote a new verse

Ольга Бузова написала новый стих

The soul needs poetry, but not confessions. Leading reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova re-wrote a verse dedicated to your relationship with your spouse, while not officially commenting on what is happening with them. On his page on the social network Olga has published another poetry own hands.

“Magic colors of autumn draws… the birds Singing. The smell of fire… the Heart is sometimes so much pining. I’m tired of this whole game… All now only from God. Everything is real only inside. Everyone in life has its own way after all. Someone else, don’t you dare, don’t ever judge! And under any circumstances listen to you. Only your heart. Don’t sell anyone my soul. From falsehood to try and protect her… In the world too many masks. Ad nauseam. To salty tears… now All only from God. All lightweight wind blew…” — she wrote.
I must say that “the game” by Olga and Dmitri pretty tired already. Subscribers Buzova support her and get bombarded with questions, which, alas, the host does not answer.
Recall that version of parting Buzova with her husband, who only recently was her “Bunny-kitty-airplane”, very different from the reluctance of Dmitry to have children and design their home on a suburban soccer mom, to the adultery of the athlete with the Rostov model.