Olga Buzova will put the country on a chocolate diet

Ольга Бузова посадит страну на шоколадную диету The broadcaster will produce its own sweets. Olga Buzova will release three kinds of chocolate: black, white and milky. She personally developed the packaging design and also consulted with pastry chefs at one of the factories.
Ольга Бузова посадит страну на шоколадную диету

It seems that the title of “Businesswoman of the year” the leading controversial reality show provided. Following the restaurant of healthy food, the opening of which here-here will take place in the capital on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, the star decided to produce his own sweets. They will be sold under the brand name Buzchocolate.

“Olga often flies in the aircraft orders coffee, which usually bring with a couple small squares of chocolate, – said the “StarHit” the PR Director singer Anton Bogoslavskaya. – So she had the idea to create the dessert.

Fans may argue that she doesn’t eat dessert… And they are right, but only partly. Olga does not like harmful cakes and pastries. And in this case we produce a quality product, which even approve of nutritionists”.

Buzova already signed a contract with one of the suburban factories. The star personally visited there, talked with the pastry and participated in the tasting. In the end decided that will be running three kinds of chocolate – black, white and milky. The weight of one slice is only 10 grams.

“I came up with that design package with kisses, shares a star with “StarHit”. – In fact, often send their people off the stage when I perform at concerts. Besides, for me sweets are inextricably linked with romance”.

The price of confectionery products from the leading “House-2” will be average for the market that any fan could appreciate.

By the way, recently Olga has also announced the opening of their own restaurant. The facility is located on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and has a capacity of 60 seats. The average bill will not exceed a thousand rubles. Buzova originally wanted to visit her restaurant could be anyone. The walls are adorned with paintings and posters with izobrajeniem stars.