Olga Buzova will find solace in his work on the Christmas lights

Ольга Бузова найдет утешение в работе на новогодних огоньках The star shared the plans with journalists. According to Olga Buzova, she intends to continue to conquer the music industry. A celebrity will work even in the New year. The presenter is going to take part in private events.

Olga Buzova – do not only a successful TV presenter, but also claimed the aspiring singer. Song star overnight first places in the hit parades, and concert tickets selling out in record time. Recently Olga gave an interview in which he shared his future plans and spoke about the busy schedule and revealed the ideal man of the dreams.

Currently focused on His work. The lead star of “House-2”, develops a new collection of own brand, delivers master classes and continues his activities as a singer. Most recently, Olga has released a new album, and then went on tour.

“In the new year there will be even more – there and tour, and songs. By the way, wait for me on new year’s eve concerts. This will be my first lights!” – shared celebrity.

On 31 December, according to Buzova, she is scheduled to participate in one event. The celebrity admitted that this New year will be her first time.

“Work, work and more work. The artists do not is the standard New year celebrations. Well, okay. My life was great celebration, but with the MIC at a private event, for example, was not yet (smiling). So this year I’d especially like to 31 Dec”, – said Olga.

During the conversation with journalists Buzova also shared their views on modern men. Olga has repeatedly complained that the representatives of the stronger sex a few crushed. Speaking on the concerns many women, the topic, the presenter gave an example from everyday life. “How often do you open the door and pass forward? Certainly from case to case. But this is the basic rules of etiquette,” said star.

In recognition of Olga, she loves strong, kind, wise and caring men. The rest does not work “get in the hit-parade” of her thoughts. On the question of whether her life new choice, Buzova chose not to answer. “You know, I learned my lesson. More personal show exhibit will not. Happiness is really good” – quoted Olga the edition “Arguments and facts”.

Recall that in early November, held a large solo concerts Buzova in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Viewers wrote that the events was a full house. The star delighted fans by performing their hits, as well as provided a few memorable numbers.