Olga Buzova will feed her fast food in the center of Moscow

Ольга Бузова будет кормить своим фастфудом в центре Москвы TV presenter and singer spoke about a new project. This summer in the capital must earn the first school of Olga Buzova. Celebrity promised that it will be presented an inexpensive and hearty meals.
Ольга Бузова будет кормить своим фастфудом в центре Москвы

Olga Buzova never ceases to delight fans of the news. The star recently announced its new cryptocurrency, and then spoke about the long-awaited launch of the first restaurant in the center of Moscow. On Monday, Olga finally revealed the first details of this project. As it turned out, the institution of celebrity BUZfood will be located on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, building 2. When it will open is unknown. According to Buzova, it should happen in a few months.

Olga said that her restaurant will be a hearty and inexpensive meal. A specific price range for main courses is not disclosed. According to star, visitors will not have to wait long if they are hungry. Apparently, Olga runs a fast food establishment – the rumors about this went on for years.

“I promised you to make a place where you can tasty, healthy, and most importantly inexpensive meal? And here I have his word traditionally keep. In the center of my beloved Moscow I will very soon open his first restaurant BUZfood. We with a team of professionals (and others close to me never happens) scrutinized the project concept and its menu, focusing on not only fast, but healthy food! On the menu are various salads, hot dishes and drinks that we will do according to original recipes. Now the restaurant in the middle of being renovated, and after a couple of months we will open the doors to my first restaurant,” he told Buzova.

Fans of Olga congratulated her with a new project. Many expressed the hope that the restaurant of the stars will often twist her songs. “Yeah, that’s what it means will power. Achieves everything and is not afraid of adversity. Cool”, “How symbolic! Tsvetnoy Bulvar, the house 2”, “Prosperity and fortune”, – commented the fans of a celebrity.

At the same time, some irony about the fact that Olga never ceases to work and develops new activities. “Plan to take over the world?”, “Soon will appear Bushlandia where people will build a special love. There will need buswise”, – joked in the Network.

Earlier in an episode of his video blog Olga told that a long time had the idea to open a school catering. “This project for two years. For two years we developed the concept for about a year looking for a place. And finally the final, all ready found the room now begin repair work,” shared the star.

By the way, not so long ago Buzova beginning to conquer the rap scene. “Along the way, it’s long and seriously,” commented the star in social networks. Conquered iTunes track for Olga wrote Vasily Vakulenko, better known as Basta. A celebrity already started performing with the song “music” at concerts.