Olga Buzova went to dinner with a mysterious companion

Ольга Бузова поужинала с таинственным спутником Television personality and aspiring singer informed fans that she has a mysterious admirer. According to Olga Buzova, she was invited on a date in America. Other details the star chose not to share.
Ольга Бузова поужинала с таинственным спутником

Television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova is now in the US, where not only having a good time, exploring the local sights, but also manages to work. Recently, the star took part in the filming of the new video for the song “Wrong”, which will be a lot of sensual scenes. The plot video character celebrity has an affair with a hot young guy. The second half of Olga was played by male model chase McQueen. That he spent some of His comments in Instagram.

In turn, the young man replied with compliments colleagues smiley with several hearts, giving to understand that left in awe of the collaboration.

Ольга Бузова поужинала с таинственным спутником

Fans of Olga Buzova left wondering how serious her fascination with the American model. The night before the star again intrigued subscribers with the information that she is getting ready to spend time in the company of the mysterious satellite. His name leading chose to hide from the public. Fans of Olga suggest that she might agree to a romantic dinner in the company of chase. On the other hand, a mysterious admirer Buzova could be, and another young man.

“After slides all wanted to take pictures for you because we climbed to a great height, and there are very nice. But it’s impossible. Barely kept the phone. The hill was called Tatsu. I have a date tonight must be, in my opinion, need to do the new installation,” shared the celebrity.

After some time Buzova announced the details of the date. The star admitted that he decided not to waste time on complicated hair and makeup. “It’s nice when you’re like this. Nothing more to say”, she added.

By the way, before Olga has shared his impressions of the new clip. The star has hinted that he is preparing a real surprise for his followers.

“The feeling when we lifted the bomb, and with a clear conscience to go to bed, because tomorrow we have a new day of shooting. But you know, our life is wonderful and amazing, but only under one condition… If you notice and wonder about!” noted celebrity.

Subscribers Buzova was supported by numerous comments. “That’s for sure, Olga! Life is beautiful, need to learn to enjoy”, “All right: the road by walking! You bright impressions”, “super Says,” was discussed on the Internet.