Olga Buzova went on a date

Ольга Бузова отправилась на свидание
At the moment, the aspiring singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova is in America, where not only rest, but also engaged in the work.

Ольга Бузова отправилась на свидание

On the days were shooting a new clip of Olga for the song “Wrong”, where her beloved man plays the sultry beauty.

In the evening Buzova published a post in which he said that he was going on a date. But the young man, in which company is going to spend the time, decided to hide it, but many fans felt that it might have been the same man that starred with her in the clip.

“After slides all wanted to take pictures for you because we climbed to a great height, and there are very nice. But it’s impossible. Barely kept the phone. The hill was called Tatsu. I have a date tonight must be, in my opinion, need to do the new installation,” wrote Olga.

Later, the girl posted a report on how your date went.

“It’s nice when you’re like this. I will say no more,” – said Buzova, stressing that he did not do intricate styling and make-up.

Now fans are eagerly waiting for more information about the young person presenter.

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