Ольга Бузова пропала после эсктренной госпитализации
Fans of Kim became hysterical due to her disappearance.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Social networks started a real hysteria over the disappearance of Olga Buzova. Two days ago, the TV star was urgently admitted to a private hospital with high fever. After that, she stopped communicating. In the microblog singer was a lull, which is very much concerned about her fans.

Last post of Olga was that she called myself an ambulance, which I have not been able to get to her. “Called an ambulance. She is coming to me third hour. Here in this country we live in…” — wrote Buzova. Later it became known that she had a serious cold on the background of General overwork. It turned out that the last several months, Olga was sleeping only two to three hours a day.

Anxious subscribers accustomed to the fact that Olga sanctifies the Network every step, sounding the alarm. Under the last message Olga had accumulated more than 20 thousand reviews. “Who knows what about it?”, “Olya, where are you? We are very worried! Come in!”, “What’s happening? She was so sick or what? People still worry. This is not a joke,” write the subscribers.

Anxious as Buzova her fans began attacking the questions her sister — Anna. “A lot of questions about the condition of my sister. She will be informed about his health when she pleases and to whomever she wants!” — has shared Anna. So fans, apparently, can only wait for Buzova gain strength in order to return to duty.