Olga Buzova was the new boyfriend

Ольга Бузова поставила условия новому бойфренду The presenter told us what she expects from men. According to Olga, it is vital that relationship was honest. Besides, according to the star, the chosen one needs to understand how much she loves her job.

Popular television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova admits that willing to work almost around the clock. The girl admits that shooting in music videos, concerts and the creation of a clothing line delight her. According to the artist, she put a lot of effort to get into show business. Despite the fact that some criticize her vocal, Olga does not give up. In November, the star will give a solo concert, to which she is actively preparing.

Olga Buzova: “when you come to an empty apartment, I think: “Lord, so will your whole life?”

However, like any woman, a celebrity wants to find true love. Buzova was able to leave behind painful memories about divorce with Dmitry Tarasov, as it takes the position that we should only look forward. A celebrity admits that he feels for 18 years and really wants to see a new choice this summer.

“Right now, here in a few days (maybe this spring affect me?) I suddenly wanted to fall in love! I wanted the butterflies inside!” – said Olga.

According to Buzova, it is not devoid of male attention, but most men can not dare to conquer it. Celebrity predicts that the next relationship will be completely different.

“But now I really want it to become like it was in 18 years: walking the handle in the Park, eating ice cream, kissing in the porch, so mom and dad have not seen…” – explained Olga.

However, the leading “House-2” not ready to sacrifice career for men. She takes the position that the elect can go, and the work will remain.

“I’m just extremely in love with her. Well, not needs a man to put a woman no conditions or ultimatums! I am against the victims in the relationship. People with each other should be well and happy. Love is a thrill, pleasure, harmony. A real man, if love would be happy for my woman, if she gets pleasure from what he does. In marriage, I lived not so. I was raised and the conditions and ultimatum, I kept a huge number of bans. More I do not agree!” – told Buzova.

Olga believes that it will be difficult to find a man who will accept her for who she is, and will try to change. According to star, she doesn’t care how much will earn the chosen one. “It is important to me attitudes and feelings. I want to be in love with, really,” explained the TV presenter in an interview with “7 days”.