Ольга Бузова презентовала московской публике книгу «Цена счастья» On the eve of the star presented the autobiographical book “the Price of Happiness.” The presenter told her fans new details of his personal life. Olga Buzova was very nervous during the presentation and even shed a tear.

      It would seem, on the life of the most popular TV presenter Olga Buzova know everything. Every evening she appears in the live reality show “Dom-2”. She is always ready to advise any of the participants in telestroke and to share experiences on his page in Instagram. Olga Buzova taught the participants “House-2” intimate tricks

      However, fans Buzova was expecting a lot of surprises at the presentation of her book “the Price of happiness”, which was held on Saturday in the shopping center “European”. Despite the fact that the TV presenter this is the fourth piece, at the event devoted to dialogue with admirers of her work, she was worried as if everything was happening for the first time.

      “Don’t cry, Olya, “We are with you!”, “Buzova, we love you!” hundreds of votes of loyal fans supported the writer. In the hall where the presentation took place, with the autograph to Buzova formed a crowd of men and women of different ages.

      “I see that there are so many couples,” says Olga Buzova – I am very pleased, because I believe that love is the most important thing in life! As long as we love, we live! Feelings are stronger than “love” is not on this earth. Sometimes we’re too dissolved into their emotions and allow ourselves a lot. So I brought the formula of the relationship, to me no one suggested. In the book I share the example of their relationship. Dima married for almost 5 years and together for 5.5. I will tell you how to avoid conflict, how and where to give the beloved. Where the contrary, you can sit on the chair and say, “No! I told you!”.

      Due to football camp Dmitry Tarasov was not able to be with Olga. However, earlier he had wished her good luck in your microblog in the social network. “My dear mother, I congratulate you on your presentation of your book! I can’t be there today, but my heart is with you! Very nice of you, proud of you!”, – wrote the athlete, laying out the frame with his wife. Next to Olga in the evening was Dmitry’s mother Olga, who is very worried about the daughter-in-law.

      Surprisingly, none of the family Buzova haven’t read the book, so native is also looking forward to when you open a new work the leading “House-2”.

      “Yeah, we don’t even have copies, – shares with “StarHit” Olga Tarasova. We today have come here to support a dear Dear and to buy the book. For us it is as a gift, which we read as a family after the whole event. I am very worried about Olga, even managed to shed a tear. Very proud of it!”

      Due to the workload Olga took you a year to write a new work. Buzova admits that while working on the book she even had to sacrifice the time she had previously spent with her friends and husband. But the words of the native Olya, we’re proud of you” gave her strength and gave the belief that it is moving in the right direction.

      “Olya rely on himself – says the “StarHit” little sister Anna Buzova. Of course she’s in some moments thought, to indicate whether certain stories or not. I like the sisters only asked: “does it make sense to write it?”. Did I tell you my opinion, but it is not always adhered to. I am very worried for her now, still shaking, as if to protect the red diploma”.

      Before reading the book Olga Buzova advises everyone to close their eyes and ignore all written by myself. Thus, each can somewhere get to know yourself. To purchase the product, the “Price of happiness” in any bookstore. The book of Olga Buzova has caused a stir among fans

      “I am an ordinary man from an ordinary family, – says Buzova fans. In the book, you will learn how destroyed my family, how I survived my parents ‘ divorce and comforted mom…. Reading, set a goal and come up with a dream. Each of the readers created to live life here and now!”.

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