Olga Buzova was left in awe from massage 10-year-old fan

Ольга Бузова осталась в восторге от массажа 10-летнего фаната Talented boy appeared in the programme “Tonight”. It turned out that Vanya has long wanted to stretch my shoulders to some of the stars of show business. First in line was the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova.

      Ольга Бузова осталась в восторге от массажа 10-летнего фаната

      Today, April first, the traditional Saturday the transfer of Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight” there were heroes of the most popular videos on the Internet. One of these was a 10-year-old Vanya. The boy became famous through the video, in which he could not give his exact age, but admitted that likes to dance “in rock”.

      Appearing in the Studio, the young celebrity not only showed lower break to a popular song “the ice is Melting,” group “Fungi”, but also gave a master class on massage. Vanya stretched his shoulders Olga Buzova, Stanislav Sadalsky and even the presenter of the First channel Andrei Malakhov.

      The media personality did not hide delight from manipulation Ivan. The girl lowered the jacket to the boy was more comfortable to massage the neck and jokingly added: “You can do anything, kid.” Colleagues appreciated the sense of humor of the singer. By the way, without discussion of the vocal artist was not at this time.

      “I have no way, and I sing. I have no talent, and I sing,” said Olga.

      Kind words in the address of the old friend decided to tell the writer Darya Dontsova. She told that she remembers Buzova is still very young and since then never heard from her bad remarks about anyone. Dontsov also noted that the presenter can love or not love, accept or not accept, but the actress did not cause anyone harm.

      To support the brunette decided and Stas Sadalsky. The man remembered a story that happened some years ago between him and the artist. Once he came to one of the first performances Buzova, then left in his rave review. The actress was so pleased with the recognition of the Stanislaus that she sent him home a box of champagne.

      Interestingly, many of the guests of the broadcast were surprised by the irony, which is demonstrated Olga. Star laughed at the witty phrases colleagues and even joked about itself. In addition, Buzova struck all the room on his own composition “Used”. She performed the hit scene Studio, “Tonight”, and in the middle of the song went into the hall and danced with Andrei Malakhov. Andrey Malakhov and Olga Buzova staged a passionate dance

      Fans left in Instagram Olga thousands of comments with words of support and admiration. Users of the social network wished her to always be positive and to conquer new heights.

      “I was looking! That was awesome! I liked it. You are very well-sang”, “Olga looked at the transfer completely. Every word Darya Dontsova want to sign up. You’re a good girl, 13 years watching you. Bright man. Women’s happiness to you, health to you and all your family and friends”, “Cool it! Buzova soon all channels will be the star!” – wrote followers.