Olga Buzova was intrigued by a luxurious ring with diamonds

Ольга Бузова заинтриговала роскошным кольцом с бриллиантами Telediva boasted luxurious decoration with precious stones. Some fans of Olga Buzova suggested that she got an offer hands and hearts. For others, the star was able to buy this accessory.
Ольга Бузова заинтриговала роскошным кольцом с бриллиантами

Recently, the television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova tries not to comment on personal life. Rumor has it that she was fascinated by resident Comedy Club Timur by Batrutdinova, although stars prefer to talk about their relationship as friendly. It is also known that the star has a lot of fans who will do anything for her.

Recently puzzled His fans, boasting a luxurious ring with emerald. The star published a picture on Instagram, which depicted a gorgeous decoration, inlaid with diamonds. “Thank you,” wrote Olga, which caused the emergence of rumors about an expensive gift from a wealthy admirer.

Ольга Бузова заинтриговала роскошным кольцом с бриллиантами

Users of social networks recalled that a similar design ring once wore Victoria Bonya and Princess Diana. Some felt that Olga might receive a proposal of marriage. Whether this is so is anyone’s guess. Fans Buzova drew attention to the fact that lately she looks very happy and regularly decorates his publication of stories Instagram with hearts and arrows.

On the other hand, some fans of Olga believe that she has purchased an expensive ring. They focused on the fact that His is one of the most sought after TV presenters and successful singers. Hits of the stars occupy the first position in the charts, and the videos gaining millions of views. Schedule Olga painted in the months ahead, but because she is quite able to indulge in gorgeous decoration of well-known brand.

At the same time gift the star could do her old friend Timur Batrutdinov. Eligible bachelor characterize your relationship with Olga as “friendship on the edge”. The couple already got some fans in social networks, which are called stars “Barbicane” and create collages, developing the theme of romance between them. Rumours about a possible connection between Olga and Timur began to circulate once they rested together in Thailand. Buzova and Batrutdinov had a great time in another country, and on his return to Moscow, took part in a joint photo shoot for the capsule collection Bella Potemkina.

“We communicate very well, close friends for 15 years. It so happened that we accidentally met in Thailand. But because I create trends, this phrase about “accidentally” went to the people. It found some kind of a subtext, and now it’s almost my new project with Timur. But he’s not really a relationship, no,” – said in one of His interviews.