Olga Buzova was injured in the accident

Ольга Бузова получила травму в результате ДТП The presenter and her friend traveled by car to the capital. Driving the vehicle was a friend of the star. Because of the ice machine, which were the girls, crashed into a pole. “StarHit” found out the details of the incident.

      The presenter usually she goes behind the wheel of a luxurious white Mercedes, however, yesterday moved to the passenger seat. Because of a cold and dizziness she decided not to risk it and go for a ride on the car of a friend.

      “On the streets of the Capital yesterday there was a lot of accidents, we checked out a dozen times, says “StarHit” employee of a separate battalion of traffic police of traffic police Andrey Ants. And the remote calls of frightened female voice that seemed familiar to us all, and calls the coordinates of the accident.”

      Arrived on the scene, officers saw a Porsche Cayenne that crashed into a pole, and sitting in it two beauties, one of which is the leading”House-2″.

      “Olga was very frightened, but still tried to smile, – continues Andrey. Mostly she said, and she was silent. It turns out that the girl drove Buzova home, and bumped into the terrible ice. In spite of studded tires, the car skidded and was thrown into the oncoming lane. According to the victims, their twisted, whereby the speed plummeted, and then took to the sidelines, straight into the post.”

      During the collision both of the girls were wearing, so escaped with minor injuries. Worked airbags, and she had a bruise shoulder, and her friend, nose.

      “Arrange an accident – it’s not fast, so probably a friend Buzova and sent her in a taxi. She sort of felt bad, referred to the temperature, says Ants. – We didn’t mind because the car is not on, and in insurance it is not written”.

      After the incident, the driver took the TV to the emergency room where the doctor examined her, and finding no cause for fears, go home. The doctor asked in the coming days to get checked out on the MRI machine.

      “Olga told me last night about the incident, confirmed the fact of the accident “StarHit” the representative Buzova Anton Bogoslavskaya. – She is fine. Today it is still messing with her, but she should according to my calculations to go in the direction of work”.