Ольга Бузова получила травму во время выступления The star had to seek help from doctors. Olga Buzova admitted that very much was nervous, since first appeared on the big stage. The aspiring singer was the special guest of the award “Sound track”.

      Olga Buzova on the eve for the first time in his career came on the big stage. The star performed in the Crocus city Hall the award “Sound track” with her hit single “the sounds of kissing.”

      And here has not done without state of emergency. Olga Buzova was so stressed out that changing clothes to go on stage from one outfit to another, did not notice that slashed yourself with a bracelet on her wrist. And only after the performance, the singer drew attention to the fact that her whole hand covered in blood.

      “Thank you! – thanks Olga Buzova audience for the warm welcome. Oh, look, I’m covered in blood. Scratched whole hand into my veins because I was so nervous. This is my first solo concert in “Crocus”, Oh… And I wish I went solo recently, and the organizers have not been able to nominate me”.

      She, Olga Buzova not yet had time to tell in the microblog that she had called the ambulance. But according to eyewitnesses, the blood did not stop, and it was decided to seek the help of doctors. It is not excluded that could be affected veins. Doctors have imposed on the wrist Buzova tight bandage. In the end, all ended well. “A foul on olczyk, don’t scare! Get well soon!”, “Olka best!” “Take care of your hand, Olga”, “Olga, I hope that all is well”, “Olga! You’re amazing!”, – supported Olga Buzova her loyal fans.

      Recall that this is not the first recent accident that happens to a star during the performance. Less than a month ago, Olga Buzova lost consciousness, speaking in St. Petersburg at the concert dedicated to Valentine’s Day. Telediva almost fainted right on the stage. But she had time to whisper that she felt bad that the dancers from her group. And one of the guys managed to catch Olga on hand, thereby warning a critical point. Everything was done with the music, and the audience took it as part of the speech. However, Olga Buzova took me a while to finally come around. That night on stage, she never came out. Olga Buzova became ill during a speech in St. Petersburg

      It is worth noting that despite the fact that Olga is now experiencing a difficult period in my life after the divorce, she keeps a stiff upper lip, and plunged into work. Buzova writes new songs, performs with them in clubs and even managed to reach the top lines of the charts.