Olga Buzova was in bed with the Internet meme

Ольга Бузова оказалась в одной постели с интернет-мемом The TV presenter once again proved to his fans that he can laugh at himself. Not so long ago a young woman introduced her second song. Followers have already managed to play a joke on a hit and created a picture where Buzova lies in bed with Zdoom – new star of the Network.

      Ольга Бузова оказалась в одной постели с интернет-мемом

      Olga Buzova published on his page a funny picture in which she’s lying on the bed in his shirt, and sitting next to Edun. This is the picture that many people remember the video for the second song celebrity, has become one of the most discussed in the Network caused a strong reaction among commentators. The name of the author of folk art are not reported, however, the TV presenter, apparently satisfied with what he saw.

      Wait for me, and I’ll be back: as a new meme blew up the Internet

      Subscribers used the graphical editor, which was placed next to Olga famous Iduna. He successfully blended into the overall composition and beautifully complemented the frame with a star. “Wait, when Buzova get used again to Wake up alone,” it is this inscription accompanies the. As a joke for a basis was taken the words of the song Olga.

      “Idun, wait for me” – wrote Buzova.

      Obviously, Olga praised the efforts of his followers and decided to make fun of the. He seemed to her quite original. Commentators have noted that the Internet meme as we needed in harmony in your way with the words of the song the presenter. Most fans of the star praised her sense of humor and said that not every celebrity is willing to openly laugh at themselves. It is essential that Buzova sympathetic to this kind of creative fantasies.

      “Well done, Olga, rightly so, that post such things. It’s really funny!”, “Well done! Know how to laugh at themselves and never rude in response”, “This is a very fun monster near you, but it’s fun!” – said subscribers in Instagram.

      Among the many millions of audience Buzova there were those who absolutely did not appreciate the joke. They admitted that the have no idea what kind of strange creature was attached to the picture of Olga. Meanwhile, Edun is becoming very popular in the Network. It manage to put on almost any picture, where is the most appropriate. Recall that a funny meme is not a fad of the Internet users. Recall that the prototype of Iduna became Dutch sculpture Homunculus Loxodontu.

      Originally the statue was created for patients who sit too long in the queue, not bored and it was something to distract yourself. Now Idon conquered Russian Internet users. This establishment has already managed to visit the house of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, in the intellectual game “What? Where? When?” and in transfer “Wait for me”.