Olga Buzova was going to “Eurovision”

Ольга Бузова собралась на «Евровидение»

The question of who will go on song contest “Evrovidenie-2017” to represent Russia is resolved. Earlier, the users of the Network proposed to send to the music contest of the group “Leningrad” with its leader Sergei Shnurov, then was Alexander Panayotov, Nyusha, and many others. Now, about your desire to become part of “Eurovision”, said Olga Buzova.

The presenter, who sang only a couple of months ago, told reporters that if her people choose, it is ready to go to the competition. However, not the case, and in the following year: “if I go, next year, and only if you elect me, the people of the audience vote! My solo career is just beginning. For me it is a very serious step, because I love to do everything clearly and is prepared at 100 %. I’m a perfectionist!”, — says Buzova.

By the way, this year Olga vote for that represented Russia in Ukraine, former soloist of group “Silver” Elena Temnikova: “this year, I support his girlfriend Lena Temnikova. I think that Lena, like anyone else, deserves to represent our country in this music competition.”

Recall that the experience of participation in “Eurovision” at Temnikova already there. In the group “Silver” she went to the contest 10 years ago. Then girly trio took third place.