У Ольги Бузовой диагностировали серьезную травму
Some time ago a TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova told fans that injured leg, and told that it was much more serious than she thought.

У Ольги Бузовой диагностировали серьезную травму

Olga, despite the injury, continued to give concerts, and on stage she has to dance a lot. A recent examination by a physician over the fact that he put a disappointing diagnosis.

У Ольги Бузовой диагностировали серьезную травму

“Lipetsk, we’re at the Playground, and will soon begin my concert. Disappointing diagnosis set today trauma. Partially damaged anterior cruciate ligament, urgently need treatment and rest… can’t walk and dance… Tomorrow I have two performances in Moscow at variety Theatre the concert in city Reutov club “the Dictator”, which will be why would I not worth it, but on further shows we will make a decision… I will tell you everything. Love”, – told Buzova.

It is worth noting that some time ago, Olga has toured in the Far East and only recently returned to Moscow.

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