Olga Buzova was attacked in Dubai

На Ольгу Бузову напали в Дубае The speech of the presenter and aspiring singer was interrupted aggressively minded man. However, Olga Buzova quickly took himself in hand and continued to please loyal fans.
На Ольгу Бузову напали в Дубае

Yesterday evening television personality and aspiring singer Olga Buzova made a concert abroad. Celebrity introduced its hits visitors one of the night clubs in Dubai. However, in the event an emergency. The unknown man suddenly ran on stage and tried to touch Olga. According to eyewitnesses, it was set up very aggressive and even intended to take away from Buzova microphone. The girl was shocked by what happened.

Olga Buzova very emotionally told about the incident at the concert in his blog post accompanying the video.

“I do not want to spend your time writing about feelings that I still experience. I hate that these men (of course, if you can call them that) is. I’m afraid that at the present time, to raise a hand to the girl – becomes possible. I feel bad just thinking that stranger to me for whatever reason, allows himself to push, kick and lash out at me. (…) In the moment when it all happened, I so much wanted next to me was a real man, which would explain this creature how to behave with girls. But I quickly recovered, and continued to sing for the people…”, – commented Olga Buzova.

Star continued performance, to the great delight of the visitors. Many of them enjoyed singing to her and dancing. Among those who decided to attend the concert Buzova was Tatiana Afrikantov. Woman shared their emotions on social networks. “Oh, and it’s great here!” — Afrikantov noted in the microblog.

In turn, Olga Buzova thanked the guests for their sincere emotion and support. The budding performer found that it was very well received in Dubai, despite the unpleasant incident.

“Today was the hottest night. Thanks to all who were with us, danced and sang along with me. I love you,” asked the celebrity to the fans.

In the nearest plans of the stars — a trip to Germany. Olga is going to perform in Dortmund and düsseldorf. And in early November Buzova planned two big solo concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Fans of the TV presenter is looking forward to the moment when they will be able to see what surprises they prepared the team of Olga.

Note that despite the criticism, Buzova continues to conquer the Russian show-business. Very soon she will introduce her debut solo album entitled “the sounds of kissing.” It is known that it will include such songs as “Hit parade”, “People of faith”, the “Little half” and “Used”. In recognition of Olga, she works hard. The star’s ambitious plans.

Olga Buzova: “Better to be alone than with just anyone”

“My schedule until March 2018. By the way, November 21 will mark a year of my solo career, and I’ve recorded an entire album called “the sounds of kissing.” Not every artist can boast. (…) Now actively preparing for the concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, constantly rehearsing and very worried. It is a huge responsibility. After the presentation of the album is scheduled to tour in Russia, Europe and America”, — says Buzova “StarHit”.