Ольге Бузовой предложили стать мэром Москвы The Chairman of the Party of veterans of Russia Ildar Rezyapov wants to see her on this post. According to him, Olga Buzova will be able to support the mass of voters. The Bureau will make a decision soon.
Ольге Бузовой предложили стать мэром Москвы

On the eve of presidential elections, many are actively discussing the candidates who could replace the current politicians. Party of veterans of Russia proposed to run well-known TV presenter Olga Buzova for mayor of Moscow. Elections will be held in September this year. According to the Chairman of the party of Ildar Rezyapov, the star of the reality show “Dom-2” has all the chances to win.

“In our country the role of women in public and political life artificially understated that show the ongoing presidential election. Olga Buzova from military families. At the time she graduated from high school with a silver medal, and the University – with honors. Has extensive experience of public activity in different directions. We believe that it will be able to enlist the support of the mass of voters”, – said rezepov.

On Instagram Buzova signed about 12.5 million people. By the way, about as many people live in Moscow. According to Ildar, the decision will be made by the Presidium of the party.

“We consider such a proposal, and it will be a collective decision. Let’s wait for the meeting of the Presidium”, – said rezepov.

Itself Buzova had no immediate comment on the news. However, previously, the star admitted that probably in a few years she will follow in the footsteps of Ksenia Sobchak and will run for President of Russia. Olga Buzova has hinted at participation in the elections

“I’ll wait four years. I’m only 31,” wrote the star on Twitter.

Now Olga is in a tour of the cities of Russia. She recently released the song “She’s not afraid,” and soon fans will appreciate the video. However, as she said, she plans to go to the presidential elections on March 18. “I will vote in Moscow, at school number 1234 on a Small Palashevska alley, 3” – shared the actress.

As reported fedpress.ru the star of “House-2” does not deny the existence of the proposal from the party of veterans of Russia. By the way, rezepov actively following the work of Olga Buzova. When insulted her party Comedy Club Andriy Skorokhod, they released a statement in her defense.

“As you like to refer to the work of Olga Buzova, the success or failure of its creative activity is determined by the viewer, but to insult any person, is unacceptable in our society. Especially when it makes a man against a woman. We live in a legal state, so such actions must obtain, if necessary, appropriate legal assessment in the course of judicial proceedings”, – stated in the text.