Olga Buzova was again forced to cry

Ольгу Бузову снова заставили плакать Roman Gritsenko hopes to win the heart of Olga Buzova. In the new year live project “House-2” the young man again confessed in sympathy with the presenter and asked her in his native Omsk together to celebrate the New year, what really touched the star.

Exactly a year ago, at the end of December 2016, Olga Buzova officially divorced footballer Dmitry Tarasov. The star admitted that the reason for the parting was the infidelity of a spouse. Olga was very worried divorce, lost appetite, sleep and faith in love. Said that he was afraid of forever being alone. Fans Buzova strongly supported favorite, wanted her to meet a man. But Olga all advances were rejected.

In autumn, the participant of the project “Dom-2” Roman Grytsenko publicly admitted the star of love.

Party “House-2” talking about strong feelings toward Olga Buzova

Colleagues on the project said that young people who first met in the Seychelles, spent a lot of time alone. But Gritsenko did not meet expectations Buzova. Olga did not respond to the attentions of a young man, and he went on a date with the other member – Elena Graminei. Buzova this behavior is so offended that she not only said the young man, now he definitely has no chance, but also wrote a song, spilling their emotions. “Some men today behave exactly like Wi-Fi, sprayed and giving yourself and your emotions all in a row” – sung in the song.

Olga Buzova men outraged betrayal

But it turned out that Gritsenko did not lose hope. In the new year live on Calvary during the summing up, Roman Gritsenko turned to Olga Buzova with a heartfelt speech.

“I’m probably even a miracle will not help. Very sorry that I did not appreciate the opportunity that you gave me. You said “live by heart”, and I’m going to live. I want you to forgive me. In the New year I want love is sincere and mutual. Better make the woman want to be sincere, even if these relations never will be, than to build a relationship that you don’t need. If suddenly you will not have any plans for the New year, unable to Omsk to come”, – said Roman Olga Buzova.

Broke in to co-host Olga Buzova, project participant Andrei Cherkasov. And revealed that before shooting the novel hinted that he wants to make an important announcement. Gritsenko was embarrassed, but still said that he would like to participate in the contest “Wedding million” paired with Olga Buzova. TV presenter, this impulse moved to tears. But she still said no.

“Roma! If you care, I forgive you, I can tell you this. But I will never be able to trust you,” said Olga.

Buzova made Hrytsenko to apologize to Elena Graminei. The young man right on Calvary said to the girl “I’m sorry”, but more to focus on a situation did not. However, the evening “after sunset” Elena tried to bring the Novel to the conversation, wanted to sit on his lap, but the guy firmly put her straight than Chromeno brought to tears.

“I’m sorry for what happened that gave you some hope, but we have nothing and nothing can not be. You I was nasty, I have no desire to communicate with you”, – said Roman and Helena.

However, this showdown is not over. Elena reacted to the apology of the Novel, and launched him in the back with the rest of the Apple. The man confessed to the other participants that Elena does not cause him any feelings but disgust. And despite the fact that Hramina in a fit of pique was ready to pack the suitcase and leave the project on the eve of new year’s eve, the girl still remained. It was supported by other participants who said: “Gritsenko with Buzova no chance, so all is not lost for you.”