Olga Buzova was accused of imitating Anastasia Kostenko

Ольгу Бузову обвинили в подражании Анастасии Костенко Followers noticed the similarity between the leading “House-2” and model. The ex-wife of Dmitry Tarasov, according to the followers in Instagram, more and more reminds them of a new passion athlete Anastasia Kostenko.

      Ольгу Бузову обвинили в подражании Анастасии Костенко

      Thousands of social network users are watching with interest the development of relations midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov and 23-year-old model Anastasia Kostenko. Followers of a microblog devoted to the pair, continue to compare his beloved football with his ex-wife Olga Buzova.

      Fans every day they find new matches in the girls ‘ behavior. So, after a painful break-up with Tarasov, the actress surprised everyone with the sudden change of image – the singer has dyed from blonde to brunette. Some interpreted this move as an imitation of Anastasia, because now the hair color beauties are very similar. Later Buzova decided to upgrade appearance and began to go out with a new hairstyle – sleek styling on the head and a long straight tail. Interestingly, Kostenko and often resorts to such way.

      Ольгу Бузову обвинили в подражании Анастасии Костенко

      Besides, fans noticed that some outfits model and TV presenter also resemble each other. At a recent party in honor of his birthday Nastya appeared in a dress of Golden color with fringe and a neckline decorated with flowers. A few days later in similar form in one of the speeches appeared before the public, and Olga Buzova. The actress had a red dress similar in cut and decoration.

      The followers are not lazy and even found the prices to see who can spend on way more, a new beloved athlete or his ex-wife. Dress Kostenko cost about 40 thousand rubles, and ordered not in Russia. Buzova and her outfit bought in Moscow boutique a little less than ten thousand. Despite this, users of the social network noted that both girls will fit any clothes, because the style and chiseled figure allows them to wear anything.

      Ольгу Бузову обвинили в подражании Анастасии Костенко

      Recall that a few months ago leading popular telestroke was accused of plagiarism. The star copied an outfit Melania trump, in which the lady attended the inauguration of her husband – Donald trump. Suit for the wife of the President of the United States created by Ralph Lauren. This was another story that reminded subscribers of a celebrity. Olga presented to the buyers of its brand dress, which she borrowed from Dolce&Gabbana.