Olga Buzova was a misfortune

У Ольги Бузовой произошло несчастье TV presenter lost a beloved dog lovely. Community dedicated to Olga Buzova, published online the sad information of the death of a pet. The celebrity herself has not commented on the rumors.

Loyal fans of Olga Buzova know how much she is attached to my dogs. The girl repeatedly told on Instagram that he believes eve, Chelsea and lovely full members of his family. By the way, last her not so long ago gave the wife of the football player Alexander Samedov – Julia.

However, while the actress is having fun in Monaco, the Network appeared rumors that the white Spitz became ill and died. Olga herself any comments on this issue were not given and continues to upload photos and videos from holidays abroad. Some Internet users speculated that His may not be aware of the tragic news. Probably the people with whom the star left Pets, just don’t want to upset the singer while on vacation.

It is worth noting that celebrity for a long time could not believe that now she will live three dogs. After receiving a touching gift Olga said, thank friend. She later shared with followers the idea that the lovely will bring into her life in the white stripe and the long-awaited good luck. Well-wishers are unable to leave the sad event and rushed to write Instagram comments with words of support and to Express condolences. They tried to comfort the idol and to wish her strength and patience. Some followers have even suggested that Buzova to stay at the resort to quickly recover and get away from the piled negativity.

“Pity dog”, “Yes, very sad. Animals, of course, often get sick, but outwardly it is not visible. And then… Hold on,” “Olga it’s a shame because dog is like your baby! What happened to this button?”, “Maybe not everyone likes Buzova, but at least her love for his dogs, no doubt. It is a misfortune hard to endure,” wrote on the Network concerned.

Many fans are convinced that if this news was true, then the actress would have already shared it on Twitter, asking for support from subscribers. In any event, while celebrity enjoy elegant surroundings, visiting the best restaurants, beaches and shops. Leading “House-2” admitted that he arrived in France on a private jet to get to have fun and forget about all the problems. Olga already tried the local cuisine and visited one of the most famous clubs of Monte Carlo. Olga Buzova clarified the rumors of a secret relationship with the oligarch