Olga Buzova turned to Philip Kirkorov: “I know nothing”

Ольга Бузова обратилась к Филиппу Киркорову: «Мне ничего не страшно» At the gala dinner of the channel MUZ-TV gathered the brightest representatives of Russian show-business. Among them was Olga Buzova. During the execution of one of their hits she playfully danced next to the king of pop.

Tonight the gala dinner of the award of MUSES-TV, the presentation of which is traditionally held in the summer. Celebrities gathered at the event, during which he announced the nominees for the upcoming event. One of the guests of the evening was Olga Buzova. Presenter “House-2”, which is conquering the show business, attracted the attention of not only journalists, but also other stars who attended the party.

Olga performed the song “She’s not afraid” in the eyes of the people present at the dinner. So it was that during the performance of the song next to the artist was a pop-king Philip Kirkorov. The singer lifted Buzova under the admiring cheers of the audience. They previously agitated subscribers, when Olga took part in one of his videos for the song “mood Color blue.”

“When you support the kings, and not some tinsel, I fear nothing. And remember, the world is ruled by love,” said the star.

In addition, Buzova went this time to the list of contenders for the award. Her video for the song “Little half” presented in the category “Best female video”.

Ольга Бузова обратилась к Филиппу Киркорову: «Мне ничего не страшно»