Ольга Бузова сделала выговор своим ухажерам TV presenter and singer, who injured his knee during one of the recent concerts, complained about the lack of attention from some male acquaintances. As told Olga Buzova, they don’t even asked how she was feeling.

Olga Buzova is one of the most sought after TV presenters and novice singers. She often goes on tour, its schedule of performances planned for several months ahead. However, the celebrity suffers from a lack of the beloved. Recently Olga decided to record a video message to complain about fans.

According to Buzova, some familiar men upset her with his behavior. Due to the fact that Olga severely injured his knee during a performance, she has seen the doctor. Despite health problems, she continues to work hard and please their fans. Loved ones are worried for the star and suggest to take a vacation, but she is in no hurry to follow their recommendations. As it turned out, suitors Buzova not even called her and asked how things were going.

“What I want to tell you… I’m in no mood, – said Olga in a video that appeared in the stories her Instagram. I’ve been in Moscow a few days, and during that time I have been here, none of pseudochazara did not ask how I feel not if I needed any help. None of my crew and family asked how my health and do I need anything. No one invited me to dinner or a movie. Why can I no longer write, I will not answer. I want to say something else, but don’t want to fight. I’m a girl, Princess.”

Fans of the star were quick to support her encouraging words. They expressed the hope that Olga will definitely find your love. “So be it”, “Well, right,” “In moments like these always clear who is really around, When in the most difficult period of people are too lazy to dial the number, why then do we need it?”, “Don’t be sad”, “take Care” – commented the users of social networks.

Note that due to health problems Olga was forced to limit the wearing of shoes with heels. The star admitted that she feels pain when wearing stilettos. However, for the sake of shooting for the new collection their brand Buzova made an exception. “Took you a lot of beauty. So soon many updates,” intrigued by the girl fans. In other plans Buzova – touring with the play “the Man snapped,” and also a series of concerts in several cities of Russia and abroad. Fans of Olga’s wish for her to quickly go on the amendment.