Olga Buzova told about the terrible prophecy

Ольга Бузова рассказала о страшном пророчестве The star recalled how the success of one of the songs coincided with the time of the divorce. According to Buzova, she was so difficult that she couldn’t believe it after learning about the first track in the hit-parade iTunes. Now songs Olga often occupy top positions in the charts.

Today, newly minted singer Olga Buzova submitted a video for the song “Little half”. In the text of the song, the artist hinted that they are ready for a new relationship and attention from men. Fans of stars he could see in her work the pain that she suffered after the betrayal of a beloved spouse. However, critics believed that Buzova made a commercial just after parting with Dmitry Tarasov. The success of the first song came at the time of divorce presenter with the player.

Olga Buzova was the new boyfriend

“I often hear that, say, a PR on a personal drama. Nothing of the sort. I’m on the subject never speculated, did not press on pity. Moreover, his first song I recorded, still being married. But I didn’t have it out – the track was I need to beautifully complete your performances in clubs, on tour. And seemed to be prophesied to himself with the words: “And the eternal contradictions, and again stupid excuses. Our love is with you – something fragile.” A few months passed, suddenly the Director called me and said: “Olga, tomorrow we release your song.” I’m in shock, “What release? I got the divorce, I can’t even talk and just want to die!” – admitted Olga.

According to celebrity, she focused on work, trying to fight through the pain. “I recorded a second song with the words: “get Used again to Wake up alone I don’t hurt anymore”. But when I sang it, no one knew how much of my personal pain in these words. I sang about what she felt,” explained Buzova.

Currently the artist is preparing for his solo concert which will be held this fall. Besides, the singer is an example for many other girls who have experienced a painful breakup with the second half. Hundreds of beautiful ladies leave comments, which I admire the strength and character Buzova.

“They write words of gratitude: “Olya, thank you so much, you are my motivator. I was lying on the couch, but I saw in your account that you are in the gym, working around the clock on himself, and followed you.” Thank people for what I have overcome life situation and helped them to survive the personal drama,” – said Olga in an interview to the edition “Days.ru”.